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October 8th 2019

Fixing homes that are cold, dangerous or in poor repair

The last 12 months have been busy for London Rebuilding Society (LRS). We are working to secure practical, effective referral and delivery partnerships nationwide. We are engaging at a policy […]

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May 13th 2019

Exhibiting at Hoarding UK conference

Hoarding UK conference returns this time in Birmingham on the 20th of May, and London Rebuilding Society will be there to support and exhibit. Having worked with many homeowners with […]

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April 30th 2019

London Housing Panel

London Rebuilding Society applauds the new initiative from Trust for London and the Mayor of London to establish the London Housing Panel. This partnership will bring together voluntary and community […]

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April 23rd 2019

Affordable Housing Commission

A new Housing Commission has been set up to look at housing affordability. Lord Richard Best, Chair of the Affordable Housing Commission (AHC), called for evidence. “We are all acutely […]

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January 21st 2019

Saving Health and Care Costs through Housing

Tomorrow, January 22nd, London Rebuilding Society’s (LRS’) CEO, Naomi Kingsley, will be speaking at the Inside Government event, Improving Health and Social Care through Housing.

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December 14th 2018

CEO Kingsley to speak at Congress Centre

Naomi Kingsley speaking at the Inside Government event, Improving Health and Social Care through Housing on January 22nd.

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November 20th 2018

King’s Fund Annual Conference

LRS will show how our Home Improvement Scheme provides a way for elderly homeowners to live independently in a warm, secure home.

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Ms H, homeowner

September 3rd 2018

HIS receives £780k social investment

London Rebuilding Society manages to raise the funds to help more vulnerable homeowners struggling to do their homes up.

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May 3rd 2018

First National Hoarding Conference

Hosted at the Emirates on May 14th, the National Hoarding Conference is an event that brings light to a real issue, hoarding behaviour in the UK.

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