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Affordable Housing Commission

April 23rd 2019

A new Housing Commission has been set up to look at housing affordability. Lord Richard Best, Chair of the Affordable Housing Commission (AHC), called for evidence.

We are all acutely aware of the problems caused by the shortages and cost of housing. The AHC wants to achieve policy changes that would make a lasting difference: your input to our deliberations would therefore be much appreciated.” – said Lord Best in his invite.

One of the four issues being examined concerns housing affordability in older age, including repairs, maintenance & adaptation problems faced by older homeowners:

“Those who face affordability issues in older age. Those whose incomes drop suddenly in retirement but whose rents remain the same (something which could become a bigger issue for generation rent in the future). Last but not least, the older owners in unsatisfactory homes who cannot afford to upgrade their property or acquire somewhere suitable.”

London Rebuilding Society (LRS) Home Improvement Scheme has been tackling this issue for 14 years and therefore provided evidence with its knowledge and expertise. Known for thinking outside the box LRS shared its successful methods and approach, and resulting considerable social impact. Through the Home Improvement Scheme, LRS has helped many homeowners over 55 to live in decent affordable homes for longer.

Although mindful of the practicalities and politics, the AHC is hoping to bring together a small number of major policy initiatives which could make a dramatic difference. You may find further information on the Commission at Affordable Housing Commission.

The deadline for submissions was the 4th April, 2019.
Nevertheless, you may still email your views and suggestions to [email protected] and let the Commission know if your views are not to be cited or quoted.