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Exhibiting at Hoarding UK conference

May 13th 2019

Hoarding UK conference returns this time in Birmingham on the 20th of May, and London Rebuilding Society will be there to support and exhibit.

Having worked with many homeowners with hoarding behaviours, London Rebuilding Society has partnered with Hoarding UK from early days. We have also been supporting their tireless efforts to raise awareness and recognise hoarding as a mental health problem.

In the 20 years of its existence, LRS has a proven track record of the impact that a healthy, warm and dry home has on the inhabitant’s health. LRS will be exhibiting in Birmingham to share our expertise and best practice from the housing perspective.

Following the success of last year’s first annual Hoarding UK conference, this year Hoarding UK has opted for a more localised approach. They’re expanding the dialogue and hosting three smaller conferences (Wales: July 2019, Scotland: October 2019 – TBC).

To improve the quality of the conversation, Hoarding UK is bringing together people from various relevant areas. Indeed keynote speakers include academics, NHS representatives, Housing Officers, environmental health and third sector/charities. London Rebuilding Society sits in an integrated approach of health (especially mental health) through housing.

The panel will also include people with hoarding behaviour and family members. They will sit throughout the day, feeding into all discussions. This is important to bounce back ideas and see what approach works.

To learn more on how LRS tackles the housing issue of people with hoarding behaviours, download our brochure here. We look forward to sharing our approach and some success stories with our peers.