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A much needed transformation

January 15th 2019

Sandra and Fred have lived in their three bedroom house for over 30 years.  They lived with their four children (all in their twenties and thirties).  Their home was overcrowded and needing significant repair.  With 2 sons sleeping on sofas in the living room their conditions were making the family feel isolated and vulnerable.

London Rebuilding Society took on their case under its Home Improvement Scheme and referred them to Age Partnership, a regulated equity release provider. As a result the family was able to release £190,000 equity to fund their home improvements.

With its expert contractors, and professionals, London Rebuilding Society completely refurbished their home and converted the loft to make it a five bedroom house.  Apart from increasing the value of the house, this brought real comfort to the family.

The house was valued at £200k in its pre refurbishment state with a post works valuation of £650k, confirmed by the valuer on completion.  A local estate agent however estimates the market value to be closer to £750k.

But the benefits go beyond the financial. They report that their daughter’s asthma has vastly improved, two of the children now work and have started socialising more.

Sandra says “When I come around the corner I think, ‘that’s not my house’. It’s a brand new home. With help from LRS our lives have been completely transformed. We are now happy and healthy.”